Why Is Elixir So Popular?

Is learning elixir hard?

Elixir is easy to learn.

Phoenix is a little hard, framework is always hard.

Is there some simple enough tutorial.

Elixir and Phoenix weren’t that difficult to figure out, even for someone without a lot of prior experience..

What is Elixir drink?

What Are Elixirs? Elixirs are essentially herbal tea lattes. These brews can easily be customized for any dietary restriction (such as keto, vegan, sugar, dairy, and/or nut-free) and health goal (like clear skin, increased energy, reduced hot flashes, etc.).

Is Erlang still used?

While a few startups use Erlang, most of the companies who use it in their tech stacks are established enterprises. This suggests that while Erlang is still being used, startups aren’t excited about it. One reason Erlang may be declining is because of newer functional programming languages, such as Elixir or Elm.

Does WhatsApp use elixir?

What are some programs built on elixir? WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger have seen great success by using an Erlang-powered stack that helps them process over 50 billion messages per day with greater than 99.9% uptime.

Does discord use elixir?

Discord also uses Elixir as the control plane of their audio and video services, also known as signaling, which establishes communication between users. … The Elixir services communicate between them using Distributed Erlang, the communication protocol that ships as part of the Erlang Virtual Machine.

Who created elixir?

José ValimJosé Valim is the creator of the Elixir programming language, a research and development project of Plataformatec. His goals were to enable higher extensibility and productivity in the Erlang VM while keeping compatibility with Erlang’s ecosystem.

Why does Phoenix have elixir?

Phoenix takes good advantage of Elixir and Erlang features. The Elixir programming language gives Phoenix an enjoyable developer experience and speed. … This makes Phoenix great to build highly concurrent systems with good distribution mechanism, fault-tolerance and high availability. It’s still early days for Phoenix.

What companies use elixir?

This is only a snapshot, numerous companies (250+) are now using Erlang and/or Elixir within their tech stacks.WhatsApp. How do you support 450 million users with only 32 engineers? … AdRoll. … Bet365. … Pinterest. … IBM Cloudant. … Goldman Sachs. … Moz. … Lonely Planet.More items…•

Should I learn go or elixir?

“Concurrency”, “Functional” and “Erlang vm” are the key factors why developers consider Elixir; whereas “High-performance”, “Simple, minimal syntax” and “Fun to write” are the primary reasons why Go is favored.

Why is elixir so fast?

Elixir makes use of thePhoenix framework, a web framework written in Elixir for Elixir developers. With Phoenix, each request is given its own process that’s extremely fast with a low memory footprint. This allows you to create thousands of processes quickly without worrying about their impact on performance.

Is Elixir better than Erlang?

You have a highly experienced development team: You should choose Elixir. It offers greater freedom than Erlang, and experienced developers can utilize it to build powerful applications quicker. Since Elixir offers better documentation, programmers can find more help when they use powerful features.

Is Elixir a backend?

Elixir frameworks allow for full-stack development Given its scalability performance and its origins in Erlang, it is no surprise that Elixir is a popular backend choice. … Finally, the Nerves framework allows for embedded software development on the hardware end.

What are the benefits of elixir?

Elixir AdvantagesConcurrency. When creating an app that will be used by millions of people worldwide, the capability to run several processes at the same time is crucial. … Scalability. … Fault tolerance. … Ease of use. … Phoenix framework. … Strong developer community. … More expensive.Knowledge of Erlang required.More items…•

Why should I learn elixir?

Elixir is not a mainstream language. … Programmers who write in it usually choose it as their second or third language and already have some practical experience. It allows them to maintain a higher quality of code and be more autonomous working on a project.

Should I learn elixir 2020?

If you are like me, I want to suggest that you learn Elixir in 2020. The reason is that within this one language and its ecosystem there are a number of different concepts, ideas, and patterns that present new things. And, learning things that are related to one another makes them easier to grok and easier to remember.