What Does WBK Mean In Texting?

What does Ebk mean?

Every Body KillerEBK Stands for Every Body Killer This Term is Mostly used by Insane Crips who do Not Like any Other set Except for Insanes.

People often times Confuse this slang term for East-side Blood Killers..

What does a mood mean in slang?

“Mood” is just what it sounds like—it’s the caption for a picture that expresses your current feelings. … “Mood” is to present day slang what “I’m feeling it” was to 2013. It’s so much more elegant and concise, though.

What does SNOZ mean in slang?

you are better than that personNew Word Suggestion. An exclamatory statement made when driving or walking away from someone with the sole intent of emphasizing that you are better than that person.

What does YIY mean in texting?

The term “yiy,” pronounced “eye,” is considered a slang term here in the U.S., but it’s not a slang term at all. The term is a Jamaican term for the word “eye.” Origin of Yiy.

What does WHK mean in texting?

WHK — White Hot Knife. WHK — West High Knights. WHK — Williams Hatchman Kean. WHK — Wassersportverein Hanse Kogge. WHK — Whitman Hanson Kingston.

What does OOMF mean?

one of my friendsOomf is an acronym standing for “one of my friends” or “one of my followers.” This is a way to mention someone without directly naming them.

What does YLY mean in text?

YLY Stands For : Yad LYad.

What does you’re a real one mean?

A real one can be any person in your life who is always themselves and keeps it 100 at all times with you.

What rappers are Ebk?

Rappers and Rap GroupsTay k.KTS Dre.Big Kutthroat Da Smoker.G Herbo.NLE Choppa.

What does WBK mean slang?

we been knewIf you saw it on twitter, it is likely internet slang for “we been knew” 우리는 이미 아랐어요

What does WBK mean in text messages?

welcome backwelcome back. welcome back is used in Texting. The word wBk is used in Texting meaning welcome back.