Quick Answer: Who Wrote The Hurt Locker?

Is the hurt locker anti war?

How weird and ironic, then, that the nearest thing we have to Wayne is also the best and most insightful anti-war film about Iraq: Kathryn Bigelow’s blazingly powerful action movie The Hurt Locker, whose unpretentious clarity makes for a refreshing change.

Bigelow is, in dramatic terms, on the side of the soldiers..

How much do bomb suits weigh?

Since the entire body needs protection, the resulting bomb suit is heavy (80 pounds (36 kg) or more), hot to the point of risking heat stress, and impairs movement.

Did Hurt Locker win best picture?

“The Hurt Locker” earned six Oscars at the 82nd annual Academy Awards Sunday night, taking home the biggest prize — best picture — as well as honors for its director, original screenplay, sound editing, sound mixing and film editing.

What movie beat Avatar at the Oscars?

The Hurt LockerLOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) – By the time “The Hurt Locker” won the best picture Oscar Sunday, it seemed almost a foregone conclusion since it previously earned honors from the Producers Guild, BAFTA, Broadcast Film Critics, the National Society of Film Critics and critics groups in New York, L.A. and elsewhere.

What does the phrase Hurt Locker mean?

Hurt locker is a slang term for a place of deep pain and discomfort. To be put in the hurt locker signifies that something profoundly troubling or painful has happened to you.

Who died in the hurt locker?

The men prove to be British mercenaries transporting two Iraqi prisoners, and their vehicle has a flat tire. The EOD team stops to help, but the group comes under attack, and several of the mercenaries, including the British leader (Ralph Fiennes), are killed before the EOD team members spot and kill the attackers.

Where did they shoot the hurt locker?

Amman“The Hurt Locker” was filmed in Amman, whose streets, in spite of the filmmakers’ efforts to simulate Iraq’s rubble and crippled, half-starved cats, will strike anyone familiar with Baghdad as a little too spiffy.

Why is the hurt locker so good?

The film is riveting, maintaining the one quality that all good war movies must possess – capturing the heroism of the average soldier while facing the nightmares of war. “The Hurt Locker” is devoid of the glamorization of the post-World War II films and has none of the anti-war messages of the post-Vietnam War movies.

When was hurt locker made?

January 14, 2010 (Russia)The Hurt Locker/Release date

Why is The Hurt Locker called The Hurt Locker?

The 2009 film has undoubtedly brought hurt locker into wider recognition. Inspiration for the title came from the experiences of Mark Boal, the film’s writer, who picked up on the phrase in 2004 during his time as an ’embed’ journalist with a bomb disposal unit. Being hurt is, of course, experiencing physical pain.

Is The Hurt Locker a 3 act narrative?

Kathryn Bigelow’s The Hurt Locker is a grinding, nightmarish machine. Oh, you wanted some three-act plot structure with your movie? Sorry, they only serve straight adrenaline and dread here. … The plot’s episodic nature seems a natural reflection of the pace and structure of the characters’ lives.

Is The Hurt Locker a true story?

But The Hurt Locker isn’t really like any of these. Although inspired by the reportage of an embedded journalist, it doesn’t purport to be a true story. It doesn’t explicitly engage with the geopolitics of Iraq. And it doesn’t claim to be an authentic portrayal of the reality of bomb disposal.

What happens at the end of Hurt Locker?

James tries to remove the bomb, but it is padlocked to the man. James tells the man that he’s sorry before he runs away and the bomb explodes. James returns home for a brief time and spends time with his wife and son. James returns to Iraq for another year defusing bombs.

Will there be a hurt locker 2?

Hurt Locker 2 to Feature All-New Cast.

What is plot point 1 in The Hurt Locker?

PLOT POINT ONE (Pages 55-65) While en route to their base, the EOD squad runs upon a group of British mercenaries in possession of two Iraqi prisoners, both of whom have prices on their heads. Suddenly, the entire group is ambushed by hidden insurgents and a number of the mercenaries are killed.

Who made the hurt locker?

The Hurt LockerDirected byKathryn BigelowProduced byKathryn Bigelow Mark Boal Nicolas Chartier Greg ShapiroWritten byMark BoalStarringJeremy Renner Anthony Mackie Brian Geraghty Evangeline Lilly Ralph Fiennes David Morse Guy Pearce12 more rows

What is the inciting incident in the hurt locker?

Inciting incident: The EOD squad is called in to investigate a massive explosion, thought to be a suicide bomb. Progressive Complication/Turning Point: James recklessly orders the team to break protocol by pursuing a bomber.