Quick Answer: What Will Happen If PK 0?

What will be added to decision parameter in Bresenham’s line algorithm PK If PK is negative?

The sign of the decision parameter Pk is the same as that of dlower−dupper.

If pk is negative, choose the lower pixel, otherwise choose the upper pixel..

Which line drawing algorithm is best and why?

DDA algorithm is less efficient than Bresenham line algorithm. While it is more efficient than DDA algorithm. 3. The calculation speed of DDA algorithm is less than Bresenham line algorithm.

What is difference between Bresenham’s and midpoint circle drawing algorithm?

Bresenham’s circle algorithm is simply an optimized version of the Midpoint circle algorithm. The difference is Bresenham’s algorithm uses just integer arithmetics, whilst Midpoint still needs floating point.

Which is circle generation algorithm?

Circle can be generated on the screen by using two algorithms – Bresenham’s Algorithmand Midpoint Circle Algorithm. Consequent points essential for generating o drawing a circle are determined.

What is midpoint line algorithm?

Given the starting and ending coordinates of a line, Mid Point Line Drawing Algorithm attempts to generate the points between the starting and ending coordinates. Also Read-DDA Line Drawing Algorithm.

Which is the best line algorithm to balance the processing load among the processors?

9. Which is the best line algorithm to balance the processing load among the processers? Explanation: If there are ‘n’ processes then this algorithm divides it into number of partitions and generates line segments. Explanation: In Parallel line algorithm each processors calculates pixel positions.

How the value of decision parameter d is calculated?

DDA Algorithm Step 1 − Get the input of two end points (X0,Y0) and (X1,Y1). Step 2 − Calculate the difference between two end points. Step 3 − Based on the calculated difference in step-2, you need to identify the number of steps to put pixel. … Step 4 − Calculate the increment in x coordinate and y coordinate.

What is the initial value of decision parameter used for Bresenham’s line algorithm where slope m 1?

slope(m) < 1. 2.1 slope(m) > 1. 2.2 slope(m) = 1. Bresenham Line Algorithm is a optimistic & incremental scan conversion Line Drawing Algorithm which calculates all intermediate points over the interval between start and end points, implemented entirely with integer numbers and the integer arithmetic.

What is decision parameter in Bresenham’s algorithm?

decision parameter as the name suggests is a criteria based on which further calculations are made. For example in Bresenham algorithm if decision factor is > 0 then one set of actions takes place and if decision factor is < 0, then some other steps are to be followed.

What is line clipping algorithm?

In computer graphics, line clipping is the process of removing lines or portions of lines outside an area of interest. Typically, any line or part there of which is outside of the viewing area is removed. There are two common algorithms for line clipping: Cohen–Sutherland and Liang–Barsky.

How many types of algorithms are used for line drawing?

To draw a line, you need two points between which you can draw a line. In the following three algorithms, we refer the one point of line as X0,Y0 and the second point of line as X1,Y1.

Why Bresenham’s line drawing is needed?

This algorithm is used for scan converting a line. It was developed by Bresenham. It is an efficient method because it involves only integer addition, subtractions, and multiplication operations. These operations can be performed very rapidly so lines can be generated quickly.

Which one is not a type of basic fill style?

Which one is not a type of basic fill styles? Explanation: Dark fill is not a type of basic fill style, rest of them is the basic fill styles. Explanation: Rectangular fill pattern is called tiling or tiling pattern.

Which is line drawing algorithm?

In computer graphics, a line drawing algorithm is an algorithm for approximating a line segment on discrete graphical media, such as pixel-based displays and printers. On such media, line drawing requires an approximation (in nontrivial cases). Basic algorithms rasterize lines in one color.

What are the side effects of Bresenham’s line drawing algorithm?

Disadvantages of Bresenham Line Drawing Algorithm-Though it improves the accuracy of generated points but still the resulted line is not smooth.This algorithm is for the basic line drawing.It can not handle diminishing jaggies.