Question: Why Is There No More Punisher?

How does Punisher die?

The MAX version of the Punisher ends with the character’s death.

After killing the Kingpin, Castle dies from his own wounds in issue #21 of PunisherMAX.

He is buried in issue #22 as his death sparks a public uprising and killing of the city’s criminals..

Why is Netflix Cancelling shows?

If a show runs for multiple seasons, then the cost of continuing it would inevitably increase. To combat this, Netflix instead cancels a show before production costs increase and focus their funding on new original series. On top of the costs it takes to produce a show, Netflix also values having a variety of genres.

How did Frank Castle die in Daredevil?

The Punisher and Daredevil fought, and Frank and the Blacksmith’s goons, until the ship’s stores of gunpowder were ignited and the entire thing went up in a massive explosion, killing everyone onboard — including (supposedly) Frank Castle himself.

Did they cancel Punisher?

“The Punisher” has been canceled after its second season, and the upcoming third season of “Jessica Jones” will be its last, Netflix confirmed on Monday. … “Marvel’s ‘The Punisher’ will not return for a third season on Netflix,” Netflix said in a statement.

Will there be a season 3 of Punisher?

The Punisher season 3 has been cancelled by Netflix but the fans don’t have to be completely disappointed as Disney+ might take over the show if there is a renewal plan. The vigilante will be back in all his glory.

Is Punisher coming back?

Still, given how popular The Punisher proved to be and how beloved Bernthal’s take on the antihero is, fans have long been calling to see Castle again in the MCU. … Marvel, which Anson Mount recently confirmed – Bernthal is 100% returning as the Punisher and will appear in future Marvel Studios productions.

Will Disney have the Punisher?

Everyone was hoping for the next seasons of shows like Defenders, Daredevil, and The Punisher. But all hopes were restored when Disney+ confirmed that they have Marvels on board now. … Jon Bernthal will be the lead man and the third season will be out soon on Disney Plus.

Does the Punisher end on a cliffhanger?

No. It resolves the storyline completely. Then it has an epilogue that’s badass and leaves you wanting another season.