Question: Who Killed Mariah Stokes?

Why is Cornell Stokes called cottonmouth?

His nickname “Cottonmouth” comes from an incident in his childhood when several of his teeth were knocked out.

He despises this nickname, snapping with rage at its merest mention, and insists upon being addressed as by his legal name..

Does Luke Cage kill cottonmouth?

Fans will know that Luke Cage’s first run sets up the charismatic and highly dangerous Cornell ‘Cottonmouth’ Stokes (played by Oscar winner Mahershala Ali) as the big villain of the piece, only for the character to be brutally killed off in episode 7 when his cousin Mariah Dillard pushes him through a window.

Why did shades kill Comanche?

While Shades does kill Comanche in episode seven, it is not because of homophobia or because he’s choosing his relationship with Marian over his relationship with Comanche. … Moreso he isn’t killed after sex and again, Shades does not kill him because of his own sexual hangups.

Who is Tildas real father?

Tilda Johnson was the daughter of Mariah Stokes, from an assault committed by Peter Stokes.

Does cottonmouth come back to life?

But hidden in that unkillable moniker is the new life, the new reputation Cottonmouth will have once brought back. Legally, he’s dead, killed by Diamondback (according to Mariah’s testimony), so he can’t be arrested or dealt with by legal means anymore.

What is Luke Cage weakness?

In the MCU: During the Jessica Jones series, after taking a shotgun blast at point blank range, Cage suffered a brain injury requiring medical attention. To reduce cranial pressure he has to have spinal fluid drained through his sinus cavity behind his eye.

Did Luke Cage kill cockroach?

Portrayed by In the midst of making a name for himself through an unlicensed casino and almost getting even more money from Luke Cage through legal action, Hamilton was murdered by Bushmaster, who displayed his severed head on a pike at the Shirley Chisholm Complex entrance to send a message to Mariah Dillard.

Why is Bushmaster after Mariah?

He was an employee working to keep the guests happy at a resort. Mariah and Cornell were guests of the resort, and Mariah wasn’t shy about lording her position over him. Why were they there? Because John’s mother was trying to sue Mariah’s grandmother, Mabel Stokes, for her share of Harlem’s Paradise.

Who plays Mariah Dillard?

Alfre WoodardLuke CageBlack Mariah/Played by

What episode does cottonmouth die?

‘Luke Cage’ Recap, Episode 7: Dear Cottonmouth.

How did Mariah Stokes die?

But unlike Cottonmouth’s death in Season 1, showrunner Cheo Hodari Coker did not have Mariah’s death (she succumbs to the poison Tilda administered with a kiss while she was in jail and dies in Luke’s arms) planned from the beginning of the Netflix series.

Does shades really love Mariah?

It’s revealed that Shades and Comanche had an affair while in prison, and that love still exists between the two men. The unexpected revelation becomes all the more tragic only one episode later, when Shades executes Comanche, who has been secretly working with the NYPD against Mariah Stokes’ crime syndicate.

How did Tilda kill Mariah?

Although Tilda has now committed a mortal sin of her own, she only killed Mariah, using a poison called “beso de la araña” (kiss of the spider), to put an end to her mother’s relentless, escalating murder spree.

Is Black Mariah in civil war?

Alfre Woodard portrayed Miriam Sharpe in Captain America: Civil War. She also portrayed Mariah Dillard/Black Mariah in Luke Cage.

Who is Luke Cage’s best friend?

Danny RandThroughout his Super Hero career, Luke Cage has joined various teams as a member of the Avengers, the Defenders, Misty Knight’s Nightwing Restorations, and even as the Thing’s temporary replacement. Most notably, however, he has teamed up throughout the years with his best friend Danny Rand (A.K.A. The Iron Fist).

Is nightshade a villain?

During the Spider-Island storyline, Nightshade is among the villains that have been infected by the bedbugs that bestowed spider powers on her. She alongside Cottonmouth and Flashmob ended up fighting Heroes for Hire.

Why did Mariah kills cottonmouth?

In Episode 7, we learn that Mariah Dillard was sexually assaulted as a child by her Uncle Pete. … The only thing that her trauma motivates her to do is kill Cottonmouth, but even that tension had been building for seven episodes, and he provoked her with an attempt to gaslight her.

Does Diamondback die in Luke Cage?

The final moments of Luke Cage saw Dr. Noah Burstein’s return, but he didn’t come for Luke. He came for Diamondback, who is barely alive in a hospital bed.

Who shot Luke Cage?

Willis StrykerThe episode takes its time revealing this, but Diamondback, a.k.a. Willis Stryker, is the one who shot Luke with the Judas at the end of the last episode. And, their beef goes way deeper than just Luke Cage messing with Cottonmouth’s business.