Question: What Does SMW Mean In Texting?

What does SMW stand for?

SMWAcronymDefinitionSMWSuper Mario War (gaming)SMWSmoky Mountain WrestlingSMWSo Much WinSMWSociety of Military Widows28 more rows.

What does swn mean in a text?

SWNAcronymDefinitionSWNSorry Wrong Number (movie)SWNState Well Number (various locations)SWNStatic Wireless NetworkSWNSure Why Not11 more rows

What does HAS stand for in texting?

HAS Stands For:RankAbbreviationMeaning*****HASHuman Audio Sponge

How many levels are in SMW?

72 levelsEach world features a variety of levels, many with multiple exits. There are 72 levels (not including Yoshi’s House and Top Secret Area), 24 of them have a secret exit for a total of 96 goals in the entire game and finding all of them will reap a reward.