Question: What Does Foyer Mean?

What does foyer mean in English?

: an open area in a public building (such as a hotel or theater) near the entrance : a lobby or entrance hall.

US : an open area near the entrance in someone’s home.

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What is a good color for a foyer?

12 Best Paint Colors for Your Foyer of 12. Red. “Like an invitation to a party, a foyer should pique your interest. … of 12. Black. “I like to go big and I like to go bold in this transitional space. … of 12. Red-Purple. … of 12. Chocolate. … of 12. Pink. … of 12. Cheerful Blue. … of 12. Green. … of 12. Gray-Blue-Green.More items…•

What is the best flooring for a foyer?

Ceramic and Porcelain Ceramic tile and porcelain tile are two of the most popular flooring options. Not only are they one of the most affordable flooring options, but they are also resistant to moisture, muck, and grime. They are easy to sweet and mop clean and don’t easily show signs of wear.

What’s another word for foyer?

Synonyms of foyerentranceway,entry,entryway,hallway,vestibule.

What’s the difference between a foyer and a foyer?

is that entryway is an opening or hallway allowing entry into a structure while foyer is a lobby, corridor, or waiting room, used in a hotel, theater, etc.

Can a house have a foyer?

A foyer in a residence is usually a small area behind a front door that separates a home’s main rooms from the outside of the house. Often, a foyer will contain a stairway to a home’s second level and interior doorways to whatever rooms are attached to it on the ground level.

What is the best color for a foyer?

Warm White “When it comes to entryway colors, a soft white like China White by Benjamin Moore is my favorite,” she says. “It’s a versatile shade that catches the natural light beautifully to open up a foyer and create an inviting, spacious feel.” Her tip for using white in an entry?

What is the purpose of a foyer?

The foyer connects a home’s entrance with the rest of the interior. Some foyers have the feel of a room, while other entry areas resemble hallways (in some cases, these may be called “entryways” rather than “foyers”). The term “foyer” is often used interchangeably with “entry” or “entryway“.

How is foyer pronounced?

If you’re asking what’s the correct pronunciation, either “foy-yer” or “foy-yay” is correct.

What is the room called when you first enter a house?

An entryway is a hall that is generally located at the front entrance of a house. An entryway often has a coat closet, and usually has linoleum or tile flooring rather than carpet, making it an easy-to-clean transition space between the outdoor and indoor areas.

What is the difference between foyer and lobby?

As nouns the difference between lobby and foyer is that lobby is an entryway or reception area; vestibule; passageway; corridor or lobby can be (informal) scouse (from lobscouse) while foyer is a lobby, corridor, or waiting room, used in a hotel, theater, etc.

Why is it called foyer?

Sometimes a foyer is also called a “lobby.” Foyer originally was a term in French that referred to the room where actors waited when they were not on stage. Today, a foyer is a large entrance to a building or home. … After all, the foyer will be the first room that visitors see when entering.

What should I put in my foyer?

Discover 12 ways to make a great first impression, even if all you have is a blank wall by the door.Mount wall hooks. … Pull up a small chair or bench. … Try a wall covering. … Define the space using a rug. … Hang a floating shelf. … Yes to a statement lighting fixture. … Paint the door a bold color. … Add a small console table.More items…•

Is a foyer necessary?

Not only does it give you a place to land and remove your wet soggy coat and dirty shoes at your point of entry without tracking it through your home, it also gives your guests a feeling of welcome and comfort in your home.

How large is a foyer?

Foyer Size and Shape A good rule of thumb is that the foyer is around 2 to 4 percent of the total square feet or meters of your house. Grand foyers can measure 20 to 30 feet (6 to 9 meters) in both directions and be just as high. Modestly scaled foyers may be about 5½ ft.