Question: How Old Is Eren And Levi?

Is Eren stronger than Levi?

Levi is way more stronger than him and could easily take him down.

But, if you’re talking about the current time-skip Eren, I would say Eren wins.

Eren currently possesses the power of 3 titans, 2 of them being the strongest..

Does Levi hate Mikasa?

There’s literally not a single evidence that Levi harbors any kind of hate feeling towards anyone (besides Zeke maybe), but specially not Mikasa. He considers her part of his squad like all the other kids.

Does Levi kiss Mikasa?

No. Romance is not the focus of this series. And if there is love, it’s usually implied and not shown on screen. In the beginning, Mikasa takes a strong unliking to Levi because of what he did to Eren in court.

Who is Mikasa’s crush?

ErenYes! Mikasa actually loves Eren in a romantic way. It is heavy hinted and implied throughout the series that Milasa loves Eren. There are multiple reasons why she loves Eren.

Is Mikasa stronger than Levi?

Levi has literally decades more experience of fighting titans than Mikasa. Also, as revealed in the latest chapters, both are part of the Ackerman family which was the product of titan experiments. Also, five seconds don’t really help Mikasa. So, yeah, Levi wins, no doubt.

How old is Levi in the ova?

Depending on who you ask, Levi’s age ranges from 25 to 35-years-old. In fact, the debates have been so popular that it has prompted the manga team to post a Twitter response to somewhat clear the matter. “There is a rumor that says Levi is 30 years old,” wrote the official @ShingekiKyojin Twitter account.

Is Levi Mikasa’s brother?

No, Mikasa and Levi are not brother and sister. But they do share the last name of Ackerman. … That is around the same place where Mikasa lived when she was born. Mikasa and Levi both have the Ackerman ability’s so are clearly related in some way.

Did Levi really die?

As Zeke made his escape, Levi proved once and for all how right the treacherous Jeager brother was to be afraid of him, taking down 30 Titans all by himself. … Hange reported to their leader, Floch, that Levi was dead.

Does Levi fall in love?

Whether platonic or romantic. Otherwise, there has been no evidence of Levi ever having love interest. … Hanji was the closest person to Levi after Erwin but Levi never showed any romantic interest in her either. He cared about her as a friend but his relationship with her was nothing like it was with Erwin.

How old is Levi in Attack on Titan?

Isayama has stated he’s “older than 30” and in his “early 30s”, but that’s it. Most of the fandom writes him off as 34-35 during the main story, making him as old as 39 now.

Are Eren and Levi in love?

Two of the series most popular male characters, Eren for his obsessive resolve and Levi for his rugged good looks, have a relationship that has peaked some considerable interest— or, at least, their lack of a relationship has. However, there are times when there seems to be some form of a friendship between these two.