How Do You Call A Quick Shape In Procreate?

What is the best blending tool on procreate?

smudge toolThe smudge tool isn’t just useful to blend colors in Procreate, you can also use it to drag colors around and paint in a sense.

Using the smudge tool for this gives you great control.

You can drag darker colors onto lighter areas and vice versa..

Why is my eraser not working on procreate?

Make sure the slider isn’t at its lowest position. Have you tried several different brushes as your eraser? For example, try double -tapping the eraser icon to open the brush menu, and switching to the default Hard Airbrush in the Airbrushing set.

Can you make shapes in procreate?

One drawback for illustrating in Procreate, was always its lack of shape tools. If you wanted to use a circle, rectangle or triangle, you had to draw it in another application, then import it back into Procreate. … You can also draw perfectly straight lines by holding your pencil down at the end of the stroke.

How do you duplicate something?

Use any of the following methods:Same Document. Hold down Alt (Win) or Option (Mac), and then drag the edge or fill of the object.Different Documents. Open the documents side by side, and then drag the edge or fill of the object from one document to another.Copy/Paste from Clipboard. … Keyboard.

How do I move an image in procreate?

Hi mrblutziii – To move or resize your artwork, you can tap the Transform icon (which has a mouse-pointer icon) on the Toolbar, then either move the image by dragging it around the canvas, or adjust the size of your image by using Pinch gestures, or using the nodes on the edges and corners of the image.

How do I turn on procreate drawing assist?

To do this, open the Actions menu and go to Canvas > Drawing Guide, turn it On and then tap Edit Drawing Guide and choose the configuration you want. Also make sure Assisted Drawing is toggled on at the bottom of that screen.

How do you make a perfect circle without a compass?

5 Hacks to Draw a Perfect Circle without CompassUse you little finger as a pivot and rotate the apper underneath.Draw the circle using a paper clip.Tie the ends of 2 pencils using a rubber-band and draw it like a compass.Create an adjustable compass using 3 pencils.

How do you draw a circle with Apple pencil?

Here’s how:Draw a shape by hand, like a circle, square, or star, using a single stroke.When you finish the shape, pause with the tip of your Apple Pencil on the screen. The shape you drew will be replaced by a perfect one.

How do I copy a layer from one file to another in procreate?

To copy a layer, go to the layers popover and swipe from left to right on the layer’s row – the option to copy will show up, just tap on it.

Where is quick shape in procreate?

Edit QuickShape When you release your shape, the Edit Shape button will appear in the notification bar at the top of the canvas. If you don’t want to edit, just continue painting, or tap anywhere to dismiss the button. To edit your shape, tap the Edit Shape button to enter QuickShape Edit mode.

How do you copy and paste a shape in procreate?

Yes you can select in one artwork and paste in another. Do the selection and then 3-finger swipe down and tap Copy. Open the other artwork and 3-finger swipe down and choose Paste.

Does procreate have a ruler?

No ruler in Procreate at this time. … Procreate doesn’t currently have any print mark features, so you’ll need to use other apps or draw them by hand.