How Do I Transfer My Favorites From Windows 7 To Windows 10?

How do I move my favorites to another computer Windows 10?

Follow the below instructions on your new Windows 10 PC:Locate the htm file that you exported from Internet Explorer.In Microsoft Edge, select Settings and more > Settings > Import or export > Import from file.Choose the file from your PC and your favorites will be imported into Edge.More items….

How do I export my Favorites in Windows 7?

Internet Explorer 7In Internet Explorer, click Add to Favorites, and then click Import and Export.In the Import/Export Wizard, click Next.Select Export Favorites, and then click Next.Click Favorites and then click Next.Select the Favorites folder that you want to export. … Click Next. … Click Next. … Click Finish.

How do I transfer my favorites to a new computer?

Steps for previous versions may be slightly different.Open Internet Explorer on the computer that has the Favorites you want to export.Press the Alt key on your keyboard. … Click on the File menu and select Import and Export…. … In the Import/Export Settings window, click to select Export to a file. … Select Favorites.More items…

How do I backup my favorites in Windows 10?

Please follow the steps:Open the desktop, then tap or click the Internet Explorer icon on the taskbar.Tap or click the Favourites star.From the drop-down menu, tap or click Import and export.In the Import/Export Settings dialogue box, select Export to a file, then tap or click Next.More items…

Where are my favorites saved in Windows 10?

In Windows 10, old File Explorer favorites are now pinned under Quick access in the left side of File Explorer. If they’re not all there, check your old favorites folder (C:\Users\username\Links). When you find one, press and hold (or right-click) it and select Pin to Quick access.

How do I move my favorites from Windows 7 to Windows 10?

Export them on the old computer, copy them to the new computer, open IE on the new computer (Internet Explorer is included with Windows 10) and import them there, close Internet Explorer. Then open Edge and under Settings –> View Favorites Settings choose to Import your favorites from Internet Explorer. Done!