Does Alfred Really See Bruce At The End?

Why did Alfred leave Bruce?

Alfred left Bruce because he wouldn’t let things alone.

He didn’t want the truth about Rachel’s death.

He couldn’t live with the fact that Rachel didn’t love him anymore.

In the Dark Knight Rises, Alfred tells Bruce Rachel chose Harvey Dent over him..

Who was Bruce Wayne sitting with at the end?

Selina KyleThe end of the movie sees Alfred spotting Bruce sitting with Selina Kyle in a cafe in Florence.

Is Joker stronger than Batman?

Physically, Batman is stronger than Joker in every way. He could kill him without a gun, but he chooses not to kill the Joker. Mentally, Joker has the ability to kill just about everybody he would think about, but its no fun if he just kills everyone.

Was Alfred a hallucination?

But, Christian Bale himself confirmed that the film’s final scene was not a dream, hoax, or hallucination. … When asked about the scene at an Entertainment Weekly event, Bale responded that what Alfred saw was indeed a reality. “My personal opinion is no, it was not a dream.

Did Alfred know Bruce was alive?

Alfred crying at the funeral and his surprise and happiness at seeing Bruce at the cafe all show that he was not aware.

Is Bruce Wayne dead?

Is Batman really dead in Gotham Knights? Yes, Batman is dead in Gotham Knights. The premise of Gotham Knights is that Batman is really dead and that the Bat family have to take over in protecting the city.

Is Batman and Joker brothers?

That’s right: Batman and Joker are half-brothers, at least according to Penny. The movie never explicitly makes clear whether that’s true or not. … Though the film is populated with comic book characters, no iteration of Batman has revealed Bruce is related to his ultimate archenemy. (He’s famously an only child.)

Is Bruce Wayne alive at the end of Dark Knight Rises?

– It is only through Alfred’s eyes through which we see Bruce Wayne, unmutated and very much not dead, but it has to be said that Bruce’s faithful butler is perhaps not the most reliable witness.

Is Batman still alive?

But be warned, here there be SPOILERS! First of all, let me clear one thing up right away — yes, Bruce Wayne really is still alive at the end.

Did Bruce Wayne survive?

Batman was then presumed dead, but right at the end of the film, it was revealed that Bruce was alive and well, living in Europe with Selina.

Who Killed Batman?

Created by Bill Finger and Bob Kane, the character first appeared in Detective Comics #33 (November 1939). In Batman’s origin story, Joe Chill is the Gotham City mugger who murders young Bruce Wayne’s parents, Dr. Thomas Wayne and Martha Wayne.

Does Batman kill Superman?

Superman tries to explain this to Batman, who instead attacks him and eventually subdues him using a kryptonite gas. … He impales the creature with it, but in its dying moments, the creature kills Superman, who was weakened by kryptonite exposure.

Does Batman kill the Joker?

“No one’s noticed — however much, 30 years on, almost — Batman kills the Joker. … He finished it … but he did it in such a way that it’s ambiguous, so people will never have to be sure, which means it doesn’t have to be the last Batman/Joker story. It’s brilliant!”

Is the Dark Knight series over?

Following 1997’s disappointing Batman & Robin, director Christopher Nolan successfully rebooted the cinematic superhero in 2005 with Batman Begins, and after continuing the story in the enormously successful The Dark Knight, he concluded the Dark Knight trilogy in 2012 with The Dark Knight Rises.

Does Bruce Wayne end up with Selina Kyle?

In the Earth-Two continuity, Selina Kyle and Bruce Wayne are married, and their daughter, Helena Wayne, is that universe’s Robin. In this universe, either Selina has reformed or was never a supervillain in the first place.